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At the National ACLS Testing Center, we provide comprehensive online ACLS, PALS and BLS certification and recertification courses. We offer immediate certification or renewal with our instant PDF certification card and same day exam grading.

Our online classes were developed based on the latest American Heart Association guidelines by certified physicians and they are accepted in every U.S. state and internationally. We offer an online provider manual updated with the most recent AHA ACLS, PALS and BLS guidelines. For more information about our online courses please continue below:

+The Fastest Way to Receive Your Certification Card

Our online training is the fastest method of earning your certification or renewal. You may take our course on your own time, and you are not required to attend a classroom session. Our courses were created and reviewed by certified and licensed physicians.

Upon passing the final exam, a PDF provider card is sent via email. A wallet provider card is shipped with free same-day shipping along with a CEU/CME certificate.

+A Nationwide Leader in Online Testing and Training

The National ACLS Testing Center is a provider of convenient and cost effective ACLS, BLS (Healthcare Provider) and PALS testing and training. We provide initial certification for first time trainees as well as PALS recertification, BLS and ACLS renewal online. Our course materials have been updated with the latest 2015 AHA guidelines and clinical recommendations. Earn your initial certification or recertification on your own time with our online nationally accepted classes.

+Instant Grading and Certification

We offer you instant results; your answers are scored right after they are submitted. We email you a PDF card immediately upon passing the course. The online exam is available any time you need to be certified, 24/7. There is simply no faster or more convenient way for you to obtain your ACLS, PALS or BLS renewal or initial certification. Your temporary PDF card can suffice as verification of your certification until you receive your wallet card via standard mail.

+No Offline Skills Test Required

We do not require you to complete a clinical skills test in order to receive your card. BLS, PALS and ACLS online courses are comprehensive and cover everything you will need to know to earn your initial ACLS certification or recertification (as well as PALS and BLS). We do offer forms for skills evaluations if your employer or state board requires them. Having someone checkoff your skills forms may incur additional costs.

+Unparalleled Flexibility

The online tests and classes at the National ACLS Testing Center are a schedule-friendly and convenient option for earning your ACLS, BLS or PALS card. Our courses and our exams are available 24/7. With our convenient and unique training system you may receive your renewal or initial certification card on your own schedule.

+Complete Online Preparation

Our comprehensive online courses include all the necessary training material to receive your initial cert or recert. The recertification courses include all the review material that you need to pass the PALS, BLS or ACLS renewal exam and maintain your certification status.

+Continuing Education Credit

The National ACLS Testing Center provides continuing education credit for course completion. 8 CEUs/CMEs are provided for PALS and ACLS certification and 4 CEUs/CMEs are provided for PALS and ACLS recertification. We offer 2 CEUs/CMEs for BLS recertification and 4 CEUs/CMEs for BLS certification. Your CEU/CME certificate is shipped after you complete the course.

+Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

At the National ACLS Testing Center we are confident in the convenience and high quality of our tests and training courses. If you have any suggestions about our courses, please email us at If your employer will not accept our course, we will issue a refund. See our refund policy for details.

For questions on our classes, please send an email to or visit our Contact page for our contact information.